Request my Personal MFC

Do you repeat a blockage, a concrete brake in your life , which resists being released?

Kryptonik allows you to access your “database” Of Multi frequency CONCEPTS (MFC) to create your own: the SOUND + your MFC.

Thanks to this liberation and Awareness, YOUR MFC aligns you and makes it easier to LIVE The Plan of Your Soul, at last with the clear path, the Clear Mind, in tune with your I AM.

If you do not remember the Frequential Language with which you embodied the Plan of your Soul, how to live it here and “approve” the subjects, the challenges that you marked yourself?

Once Defined clearly And concisely, it transforms INTO a DIRECT ORDER to the universe, to your Wise part, and “DOES what it IS”, without mistake.

Well formulated, we get the exact answer.

Example of MFC with specific and precise purpose